Go Green or Go Home

Under the conditions of technological progress it doesn’t come as a surprise that our planet is under threat of an environmental catastrophe. The problems we face every day are results of groundbreaking ideas and technologies which aim to make life easier. One of the most daunting tasks is how to feed 10 billion people. Because of this, energy consumption is increasing. Non-renewable resources used for energy generation emit gases, which are harmful to the environment. As a result, we suffer dire consequences such as pollution and greenhouse effect. Nowadays the temperature soars above the average that is the feature of irreversible climate change and global warming. We must find a solution to reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet for future generations. The scientists of the University of Sheffield convince that nuclear energy can be replaced by such greenalternative energy source as wind power. Besides, they have many ideas concerning energy conservation and other eco-issue…

Dark Tourism or Humanity?

Recently I’ve seen the ad that offered to book a holiday in a remote area of South Asia. Have you ever noticed that it’s becoming a tendency to get away from it all and soak up the atmosphere of unspoilt nature somewhere at world’s end? People aren’t interested in flourishing capitals; they’re sick and tired of vibrant cities. You know, I don’t mind if they just go for a wander or trek in such areas since everyone sometimes needs to recharge his/her batteries. But unfortunately, people think that they’re the owners of the nature and destroy it. For example, there are always some ‘enthusiasts’ who yearn for taking a flower or something from the wildlife reserve. I can’t bear it.
You can deny and say that tourists improve the economic situation in the regions. Well, there are always budget accommodations where you can get a reservation. Such places are usually fully booked, that’s true. But owners raise the price that doesn’t do local people good. They cannot afford many things because …

Always Healthy, Always Happy!

It’s the beginning of summer when every single OA student talks the great sport event up. I mean Recreation, the show where sports are combined with entertainment. It was held the 8th June 2017. This event attracted the attention of journalists in Ostroh Academy and hit the headlines. This variety show consisted of physical exercises, dances and songs. The departments were represented by 6 teams.  Needless to say, we detected the strong desire to win in every team. We should give the teams a credit, every of them was well-prepared and put a lot of effort to get the prize. However, the winner was one and it was the Faculty of Econmics. Jury was highly critical of participants but the winners had success. They were highly praised and after that they celebrated the achievements. So, congratulations, economists!

In addition to the lead story of Recreation, I managed to get a scoop by the exclusive interview with Ihor Pasichnyk, the rector of Ostroh Academy and the organizer of this event.…

History Lessons

Since my childhood, I have been interested in history because it has a huge effect on our life. It’s a pity that there were so many horror of wars but the soldiers put up heroic fights against the enemy to guard citizens’ lives.
 I’d like to tell about the Khotyn Battle that had become a decisive one. It was in 1621, during the all-out war between  Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Ottoman Empire. The Turkish Sultan was going to invade the territory of Europe and declared war. His army went into action and defeated Poles in the Cecora Battle  (17 September-7 October 1620) . Many soldiers and civil residentswere taken prisoners. It was a spectacular failure and hopes were almost dashed. 
At that time Cossacks came in useful for further events.  Hetman Petro Sahaidachny agreed to assist Poles if their king was willing to compromise and let Ukrainians create The Kyiv Metropolis. The Polish armed forces needed such an ally and the king granted Ukrainians this right. The 17th June 1621 Sah…

Does Money Grow On Trees?

Do you know what means to be needy? I've experienced it having played the game Spent. Honestly speaking, it was a challenging task... I never believed in a quotation 'money talks' butprices went upevery day and sometimes it was very difficult to make ends meet.I had tokeep track of my outgoingsand couldn’tafford many things.However, I did my best tospend moneyonmy children's needsat the expense of mine. I survived the month but had to tighten my belt. The conclusion is that it’s really difficult to live on a shoestring because everything comes at aprice.

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Good Health is Above Wealth

Do you have a healthy appetite, guys? Some of you could laugh at me because it’s a common knowledge that students always could eat a horse. However, instead of substantial mealthey mostly have a quick snack. I experience it every day and I came to a decision that I must have second thoughts about my eating habits and lifestyle, since they affect the mental health.
I heard many complaints that students cannot be active enough because they are dying of hunger. The results are they aren’t able to learn anything and feel tired and depressed all the time. Of course, if you are starving, you won’t get enough vitamins needed for feeling fine. The results might be frightening: weight gain,eating disorder or splitting headache. Moreover, these trivial ailments can lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer etc. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?
I have to say that I do understand your dedication to studying process, but please remember that we have some comm…

Let’s Make People Happier Together!

Do you have qualifications but still are out of work?  Or are you sick and tired of a stressfuldead-end job? If so, we propose you to embark on a career in an absolutely outstanding field! 
Our company is founded to make people happier. We are sure everyone knows people who are up to their eyes in work and do their best to develop the company but they don’t get any reward or could even be given a sack. We aim to help such people either verbally or practically. Some of them just need a friendly talk or free hugs that return them confidence, whereas others find it indispensable to get a new rewarding job. Our motto is ‘KEEP SMILE AND MAKE THE CLIENT BE MILES BETTER THAN HE WAS’.
We offer a job with a reasonable wage. The main advantage is rather emotional since you’ll definitely find it fulfilling. Besides, we provide our best employees with cars. Bear in mind that we have a performance related bonus scheme.
Our company offers positions of a creative director, a personal coach in tacklin…