Does Money Grow On Trees?

Do you know what means to be needy? I've experienced it having played the game Spent. Honestly speaking, it was a challenging task... I never believed in a quotation 'money talks' butprices went upevery day and sometimes it was very difficult to make ends meet.I had tokeep track of my outgoingsand couldn’tafford many things.However, I did my best tospend moneyonmy children's needsat the expense of mine. I survived the month but had to tighten my belt. The conclusion is that it’s really difficult to live on shoestring because everything comes at aprice.

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Good Health is Above Wealth

Do you have a healthy appetite, guys? Some of you could laugh at me because it’s a common knowledge that students always could eat a horse. However, instead of substantial mealthey mostly have a quick snack. I experience it every day and I came to a decision that I must have second thoughts about my eating habits and lifestyle, since they affect the mental health.
I heard many complaints that students cannot be active enough because they are dying of hunger. The results are they aren’t able to learn anything and feel tired and depressed all the time. Of course, if you are starving, you won’t get enough vitamins needed for feeling fine. The results might be frightening: weight gain,eating disorder or splitting headache. Moreover, these trivial ailments can lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer etc. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?
I have to say that I do understand your dedication to studying process, but please remember that we have some comm…

Let’s Make People Happier Together!

Do you have qualifications but still are out of work?  Or are you sick and tired of a stressfuldead-end job? If so, we propose you to embark on a career in an absolutely outstanding field! 
Our company is founded to make people happier. We are sure everyone knows people who are up to their eyes in work and do their best to develop the company but they don’t get any reward or could even be given a sack. We aim to help such people either verbally or practically. Some of them just need a friendly talk or free hugs that return them confidence, whereas others find it indispensable to get a new rewarding job. Our motto is ‘KEEP SMILE AND MAKE THE CLIENT BE MILES BETTER THAN HE WAS’.
We offer a job with a reasonable wage. The main advantage is rather emotional since you’ll definitely find it fulfilling. Besides, we provide our best employees with cars. Bear in mind that we have a performance related bonus scheme.
Our company offers positions of a creative director, a personal coach in tacklin…

Modern Students: Gifted Children vs Quick Learners

Evening! You know, in order to keep up with LM course, today I have a task that refers to learning process.  Some of you could think it’s a kind of tedious task but not at all. We often complain about our learning system and the quality of education. But the thing is that we just complain, we don’t cover a lot of ground. Recently I’ve watched videos where speakers showed the considerable initiative about changes in modern education.
I honestly think that Sugata Mitra, the first speaker, is an eager beaver since his research makes others put their thinking cap on. It’s a widespread belief that nowadays educational process is broken. However, the speaker underlines that it actually isn’t. Our education is a compulsory process where instructors from the old school make students hit the booksto obtain a diploma. We don’t have to make learning process happen; we have to let it happen by itself. Sugata demonstrated that kids have a proven ability of self-study and it shows a marked improveme…

Keep Calm And Love Your Dearest

Hi again, my dearest friends! The spring has finally come and the feelings are the name of the game for youth now. Hundreds of people fall for other people. However, there are many of them who bring the relationships to an end. I'd like to provide you with one of many such classic stories. 
So, the couple had a romantic trip to Paris.
Life is inpredictable and after few years our characters met again.
 The next day at the cafe:
It's a pity we often don't appreciate the nearest and dearest people and loose touch with them. I wish you to have just the best relationships with people who are a kind of your type:)

Feelings, Emotions, Body Language

Hey guys!  Have you ever thought about different methods of comunication we could add to speech? One of these methods is usage of body language, particularly gestures, postures, facial expressions, and so forth. You know, I looked through my friends' pics and noticed that they wear their heart on their sleeve:D I'm sure these photos will make you be in high spirits. 

Hope I cheered you up) Now, one more thing I'd like to share is a video. I've watched it when I had a French class. It's all about life without borders, about the way of understanding each other without words. To me, it's the perfect society and perfect life. Have a look at those cheerful,contented, enthusiastic people and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Don't jump to conclusions from the very beginning, watch it till the end:) So, I urge you to watch this video and get inspired:)


Hi guys! Do you wanna get relaxed and have fun in the middle of a busy week? I've prepared a couple of cool pictures for you. Have a look at them and lift your mood:)